Na China (Marie Voignier, 2020) – film screening & discussion

18 Aug, 22
Still from "Na China", Marie Voignier, 2020

The working group Thinking Documentary Film (CineLab) cordially invites you to the public screening of Marie Voignier’s film NA China (2020), followed by a debate between the filmmaker and Stefanie Baumann (IFILNOVA), about globalization and capitalism, alternative circuits, eurocentrism and its problematization through artistic means, film form and meaning, etc.
The event will take place on April 20th, 19:30, at Auditório A2 (Torre A) at FCSH – Avenida de Berna, 26C.
The event will be free and open to all!

ABOUT THE FILM NA China is a field study in one of the globalised trade centres where Africa and China come face to face. ln her films and videos Marie Vaignier focuses on complex stories where several truths are blended together. Made in Guangzhou (China), the film follows African women who dream of inventing new business models by building a bridge between the two continents. Voigniers’ method includes the use of male and female actors in a form that has all the earmarks of a documentary. NA China is also a visual essay that sets afloat all definitive concepts of value, whether economic, legal, aesthetic or ethical.

ABOUT MARIE VOIGNIER Marie Voignier is an artist and filmmaker. She studied at the University of Technology in Compiègne (UTC), then in Berlin (TUB), where she began to take photographs. To pursue this practice, she studied arts at the School of Fine Art in Lyon. Her work then focussed on making films that are now shown in international film festivals (e.g. Berlinale, FID, Viennale) and in exhibitions in France and elsewhere (Venice Biennale, Berlin Biennial, Singapore Biennial, Centre Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, LAXART and Guangdong Times Museum in 2019). She is professor of contemporary art and video at ENSBA Lyon, where she coordinates the image-movement department.

Kadist kindly allowed us to republish a filmed interview with Marie Voignier:
Speaking from her editing desk, French artist and filmmaker Marie Voignier introduces two projects supported by Kadist. Tourisme International is a film shot during a tour in North Korea, in which she questions non-knowledge, self-representation and images circulation. Her newer project, Na China ! follows the path of several female African traders working in Canton, China, and draws a parallel between personal trajectories and the exchange flows of our capitalist era.
Directed by Louis Pierre-Lacouture and Martina Sabbadini
Interview by Sophie Potelon
translated by Emmanuelle Day